Kids Blazer / Shirt / Vest / Dress Pants / Bow / Brooch / Handkerchief / Set

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Brand from China: Snow Castle. Color: Women – Set of 7 – Blazer & Dress Pants & Vest & Shirt & Bow & Brooch & Handkerchief – Blue, Materials: Polyester, Size: Blazer: 100: Chest: 58cm, Total Length: 30cm 110: Chest: 62cm, Total Length: 32cm 120: Chest: 66cm, Total Length: 34cm 130: Chest: 70cm, Total Length: 36cm 140: Chest: 74cm, Total Length: 38cm 150: Chest: 78cm, Total Length: 40cm 160: Chest: 82cm, Total Length: 42cm Shirt: 100: Shoulder Width: 29cm, Chest: 61cm, Sleeve Length: 37cm, Total Length: 41cm 110: Shoulder Width: 30cm, Chest: 66cm, Sleeve Length: 38cm, Total Length: 43cm 120: Shoulder Width: 31cm, Chest: 70cm, Sleeve Length: 39.5cm, Total Length: 46cm 130: Shoulder Width: 32cm, Chest: 76cm, Sleeve Length: 41cm, Total Length: 49cm 140: Shoulder Width: 34cm, Chest: 80cm, Sleeve Length: 43cm, Total Length: 54cm 150: Shoulder Width: 35cm, Chest: 86cm, Sleeve Length: 46cm, Total Length: 58cm 160: Shoulder Width: 37cm, Chest: 92cm, Sleeve Length: 51cm, Total Length: 60cm Dress Pants: 100: Waist: 54cm, Pants Length: 75cm 110: Waist: 58cm, Pants Length: 77cm 120: Waist: 62cm, Pants Length: 80cm 130: Waist: 66cm, Pants Length: 82cm, Care: N/A

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